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Confit of duck, 2 to 3 legs per tin.

Producer: Maison Lembert, Périgord, France

What we say: "By popular demand, we have decided to stock two staples of French cuisine, made not in Provence but in the Périgord region. This is a heart warming duck confit from Maison Lembert, who have been producing stunning foie gras, cooking and preserving duck, for four generations since 1940. The duck confit is generous with suckling melting meat on the bone. Carefully remove the confit from the tin without breaking the legs, trim off some of the fat, and cook in the oven skin up at 180°C. "

Ingredients: Duck legs (origin: Périgord, France), duck fat, salt and black pepper.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Best consumed by date: 2024-25.

Allergies: See highlighted ingredients.


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