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This decorative piece is handmade with red clay. The white garlic is covered with a white glaze and the hand-painted garlic is painted by Juliet.

Producer: Juliet Schlunke, Ansouis, Luberon, Provence, France.

Details: Juliet models her pieces in fine red clay, then fires them in her kiln for 8 hours at 1,020°C. When they cool, she plunges them into a tub of white glaze and back they go into the kiln for another 8 hours firing at 980°C. The glaze is diluted so one can glimpse the red clay underneath, making it a warm white. The painted garlic is hand-painted with oil paint and then waxed all by hand. Juliet finds that this finish is suitable for all styles of interiors, modern and traditional.

Orders and delivery: Due to the handmade nature of the design, each piece is one of a kind and so colour, shape and pattern may vary. We have limited stock of Juliet's creations. Some pieces are made to order in France and delivery to the UK may take up to 3 weeks. 

Care instructions: Hand wash only.

10cm (l) x 6cm (h)

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