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Griotte cherry jam made with a variety of sour cherries that packs a perfect punch of zing and acidity.

Producer: Maison Octave, Gargas, Luberon, France.

What we say: "The cherries are grown in the Luberon valley within 5 miles of the jam factory. Because of its acidity, we love this jam on toast and with hard cheeses. Maison Octave only uses fresh fruit in their recipes as well as cane sugar, nothing else. Since this is a jam and not a marmalade, as there is no gelling agent, the jam is not set and it has pieces of fruit in it." 

Ingredients: Griotte cherries from Provence 60%, cane sugar 40%. No preservatives, no colourings and no gelling agent.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Keep refrigerated after opening.


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