Our Producers

Producers from Provence, lavender producer

We pride ourselves on working with producers whose approach to making products is honest, sustainable, and ethical. All our producers have been making amazing products for years, sometimes generations, each one with utter respect for the traditions and environment of Provence.

Our selection process is simple, and is based on three key principles: First, the products must be of the very best quality, whilst respecting both traditional methods and the environment. We were born in Provence and we care about it, so you can trust that this aspect is never compromised! We won't ever throw fluffy marketing claims at you to prove how good our products are—they speak for themselves.

Second, we will always try to work with producers who aren't on the tourist 'circuit' in Provence, and who don't have the time or expertise to export their products.  Tariette's mission is not only to help you discover the best of traditional Provence, but also to help local farmers and artisans to reach a wider audience with their products, outside of the region and abroad.

Last, but not least, establishing a real connection with our producers is crucial. We are lucky to only work alongside people with whom we have at least an extremely good professional relationship, if not a genuine friendship, and who are as much in love with Provence as we are.

Price and margins do not and will not ever drive our decisions to work with certain producers or products. We focus on quality, opportunity, and passion.