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Used in the Alps for its digestive properties for over 400 years.

Producer: Distillerie Artisanale Salettina, Corps, France

In Haute-Provence and the Alps, mountain herb liqueurs have been drunk for pleasure and used as medicine since the 16th century. The people who live in these mountains have used them for generations to prevent chills and for their tonic and digestive properties.
This organic liqueur uses white génépi, a plant which belongs to the same family as the absinthes (Artemisia). It is grown above 2000m in the Alps and picked between June and July. Once harvested, the plants are dried and then macerated for two weeks in an alcohol mixture. When the aromatic fraction has been fully extracted, the infusion is drawn off and the plants are distilled to seek out all the flavours, producing the liqueur. 

What we say: "Open a bottle of Génépi and you'll instantly get fresh floral and menthol scents. On the palate, it’s warm and strong with plant flavours like verbena, mint and notes of thyme. We love the fact that it's so fresh and herbal, with a long length of flavours, and not as sweet as a limoncello. At apéritif, this aromatic liqueur will revive and heat tired limbs after a day’s skiing. Its digestive qualities make it the perfect drink at the end of a big mountain meal like raclette or fondue! Can be sipped or drunk like a shot."

  • Region: Alps, France
  • ABV: 40%
  • Vol: 50cl


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