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Welcome to Le Blog. We’ve plenty to share with you here: delicious recipes using products and ingredients from the store, recommendations of our favourite places to visit in Provence, as well as the latest news and promotions. Bonne lecture!

The Thirteen Desserts - A Mainstay of Christmas in Provence

November 19 2019
There’s nothing quite like Christmas at home. And for us at Tariette, that means being in the wild and beautiful coun...

Christmas from Provence to you!

September 17 2019
There's not much we enjoy more than being out on the road and meeting you—except maybe for a good glass of wine! But ...

Coming to a Neptune store near you!

April 08 2019
Coming to a Neptune store near you! We are very excited to announce that we are expanding our partnership with the fa...

Provençal lavender, explained.

October 04 2018
The lavender fields of Provence are among the region’s most iconic sights and scents. But what exactly are the plants...

Dare to venture to Auribeau

May 16 2018
In this post, following on from our introduction to the charming village of Sivergues, we continue our tour through P...

Sivergues, the end of the road

May 03 2018
I have amazing memories of the village of Sivergues in the Luberon region of Provence. It’s Provence’s smallest villa...

Roasted red mullet with tapenade, samphire, and rice

January 07 2018
Tapenade and red mullet is a combo that screams Provençal summer. I love cooking this dish in France or here in the UK whenever I feel homesick and the recipe is pretty quick, very easy, and absolutely delicious! 

Quick and delicious lavender honey madeleines

January 03 2018
Sylvie Jacquel talks us through her simple recipe for soft, delicious madeleines that use our liquid lavender honey to great effect. Madeleines are a precious childhood memory and classic French treat.
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