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Traditional Provençal white nougat is a confectionery made with lavender honey, grilled almonds, and sugar mixed with egg whites and syrup.

Producer: Confiserie Leonard Parli, Peyruis, Haute-Provence, France.

What we say: "The ancestor of, and superior to, the marshmallow, white nougat is more dense and chewy with some crunchy almonds added to the mix. It's deliciously sweet and sticky, a perfect companion at tea time or even at the end of a meal. Enjoy it with a glass of sweet wine."

Ingredients: Almonds 35%, lavender honey 26%, sugar, egg whites, glucose syrup, matzo (potato starch and water), sunflower oil.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Allergies: See ingredients.


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