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  1. Provençal linen apron. 100% stone-washed linen.

Producer: Michael Leopold, Avignon, South of France.

What we say: "Our linen apron is soft but thick enough to protect from kitchen spills. Available in 23 colours, from neutral shades like Naturel or Rose to bright tones like Pomme or Corail, it's perfect in a farmhouse kitchen or for professional use. It wraps nicely around the waist and the length is adjustable. There's also a front pocket to keep your utensils at hand. Suitable for male and female chefs alike!"

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Orders and delivery: We stock most of our linen products at our warehouse in the UK. From time to time, we may stock some items and colour options in France and delivery to the UK may take up to 3 weeks. If that's the case we will email you to let you know.

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