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Our guide to buying Laguiole cutlery

Who makes the original Laguiole knives?
Laguiole is not a cutlery brand or a single manufacturer. Laguiole is the term for a style of knives and cutlery that originates from a small town called Laguiole in Aveyron (France). Because there’s no official ruling on what a Laguiole knife must be, the name Laguiole is not protected. It doesn’t certify the origin of the cutlery or its quality.

Where does Laguiole cutlery originate from?
Early in the 19th century, pocketknives were made here by a few craftsmen for shepherds and farmers of the Aubrac region. A few miles away from Laguiole lies the hub of knife-making in France: Thiers. After the First World War, knifemakers disappeared from Laguiole and the production of cutlery moved to Thiers. In the 20th century, one maker called La Forge de Laguiole restarted the production of Laguiole knives in Laguiole. They are the only producer in the village and many believe they are the only “real” Laguiole maker. Yet, there are several manufacturers that make quality Laguiole cutlery.


Who are the hundreds of different manufacturers of Laguiole cutlery?
Like many other French luxury products, Laguiole cutlery is copied and counterfeited. Many ‘Laguiole’ sets you find available at big retailers and on marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon are actually made in China or Pakistan. Sadly, even some French Laguiole manufacturers get parts of their cutlery made abroad and assemble them in France. You can find Laguiole sets ranging from £30 to over £500.

What makes such a price difference?
Mainly where and how they are made, as well as the materials used in their construction. There’s an lack of trademark to protect the manufacturing process and the quality of the materials used to produce Laguiole cutlery. Many sellers will lure you with authenticity claims and the Laguiole bee emblem welded on the cutlery, but these do not guarantee the quality of what you are buying.

Why choose our Laguiole range and buy from us?
Since 2018, we’ve worked with an established and reputable French cutlery manufacturer near Thiers. Jean Néron have been a family of Laguiole knifemakers since 1899. Their materials are of impeccable quality and sourced exclusively from France. This includes high grade tempered stainless steel with rust resistance and added carbon on their premium ranges. Every knife is manually assembled and riveted by hand at their factory. Their ABS plastic handles are dishwasher safe, whilst the olive wood handles are hand polished. We’ve vetted their standards so you can trust their quality.

We believe we have the best value-for-money Laguiole cutlery in the UK.
If you are looking for an everyday set of Laguiole cutlery which goes in the dishwasher, with zero maintenance, which doesn’t break the bank, we’d recommend the Table d’Hôtes set with serrated blades and ABS handles. If you are looking for a stunning set with razor sharp, hand-carved blades and hand-polished olive wood handles, look no further than our Bec Fin range.
In addition to sets of Laguiole knives and forks, we also stock cheese knives, salad servers, butter knives, etc. Head to the Maison section of our website to discover our entire range of cutlery.



Laguiole knives bec fin with olive wood handle


Laguiole bec fin forks

Laguiole bee emblem

Laguiole knives table d'hotes range

Laguiole salad servers

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