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The classic, hard to beat, French onion soup.

Producer: Conserverie Raynaud, Pernes les Fontaines, Provence, France

What we say: "Don't be put off by the fact that it comes in a tin. This delicious soup is the real deal, made with beef and pork stock as well as white wine and onions. It's a great winter warmer as well as the perfect cure for a hangover!"

Ingredients: Water, onions 32%, kitchen stock, white wine (sulfur dioxide and sulphites), leeks, salt, modified starch E1422, olive oil, tomato concentrate, milk powder, port (sulfur dioxide and sulphites), wheat flour (gluten), sugar, garlic, spices and natural aromas. Seasoning: water salt, yeast extract, colouring E150c, soya sauce, wheat (gluten), salt, glutamate, sodium, sugar, acid lactic, citric acid, celery. Kitchen stock: onions, sunflower oil, white wine. Beef stock: concentrated beef drippings, corn starch, milk and wheat flavours, maltodextrin, salt, sunflower oil, onion, sugar, garlic, extracted paprika, white pepper, carrot extract, thyme extract. Pork stock: pork 17%, lard 7%, salt, maltodextrin, roasted pork flavour, yeast extract, salt, garlic, paprika, bay leaves and rosemary extract.

Serving: Add an equal amount of water to the contents of the tin. Mix and heat slowly without boiling, then serve. Enjoy the Provençal way by topping with grated cheese and croutons.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 7 days.

Allergies: See highlighted ingredients.


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