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Lavender soap, contains of 50% olive oil and no palm oil. Made in a traditional a copper cauldron.

Producer: Moulin Paschetta, Peyruis, Haute-Provence, France.

What we say: "With a recipe that's been followed in Haute-Provence for generations, this soap is made from 50% olive oil. It’s naturally biodegradable and very gentle on dry and sensitive skin. The scent of lavender will relax you without being overpowering, as the luscious olive oil helps tone down the powerful aroma of the plant."

Ingredients: Sodium olivate (olive oil) 50%, sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium chloride (sea salt), kaolin (clay), fragrance, aqua (water), glycerin. 

No parabens, no colourings, no EDTA. Contains fragrance. Biodegradable and ecological.


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